Journal posting to ledger

Here is an example about what a journal entry looks like. If we step back and think.

We acquire land, so land account is debited. And this transaction happens on January 2nd, And after a journal entry, we write a very simple explanation about this transaction.

Please, notice two things about this journal entry. First of all, eth price drop zero php3 accounts are written on the left.

Credit accounts are written on the right. If you see the cash account, it is written on the right. And similarly, if it is debited it is written on the left. And the second thing is that. So land account is mentioned before cash account. The ledger is the group of all T-accounts with their balances, and.

Journal entries need to be copied to account in the ledger. This process is called posting. So, if we go back a slide, we are going to first come up with these journal entries. And finally, we are going to calculate their final ending balances. So if we summarize how formal financial accounting works? First, transaction occurs. Second, transaction is journalized. Basically, journal entry is created for the transaction. And finally. Here is an example about how formal accounting, financial accounting looks.

So what is debited here? And there is a deep line in cash, basically. And we write as a small explanation, this is water bill payment. And then the second stage here is. So which two accounts are impacted because of this transaction? It is going to be water expense and cash. So notice here that. If you get cash, there is a cash infusion. So if you go back to ledger accounts.

So, which two accounts are impacted because of this journal entry? Always that we just have three ledger accounts in here, but for.

For example, for cash so far we have two transaction. There is a credit of and there is a debit of So, so far, cash account has a debit balance of And this number is called cash balance or final balance. A trial balance shows all accounts with their balance. If payment is made earlier than stipulated, firms may offer discounts for prompt payment.

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These data which are collected and recorded by the bookkeeper are used in financial statements. But before final financial reports are made it is necessary to make adjustments, that is changes, in the figures of the trial balance. These adjustments reflect all changes that were not recorded in entries and postings. For example, wages, salaries or commissions may be owed but not yet paid and not shown on expense accounts.

Before the accounting cycle starts all over again the books must be closed, that is prepared for the new accounting period. The final stage of closing the accounts is to transfer the balances of these accounts to a new account which is called profit or loss account.

In this process the capital account must be adjusted by the amount of profit and loss incurred in the previous period. And it also must be adjusted to reflect money drawn by the owner for personal use. This money is recorded in the drawing account. The drawing account is the ledger account in which the bookkeeper records money the owner withdraws for personal use.

When the accounts are closed the debit balance in the drawing account is charged against capital. В основном используются четыре специальных журнала: When cash is received and paid out, a cash receipts journal and a cash payments journal are used. If the two columns of the trial balance are equal, it shows the accuracy of the previous entries. To encourage their customers to pay their accounts promptly a company may offer to accept less money if payment is made within a definite period of time.

The amount of the reduction of the sum to be paid is called a cash discount. A cash discount is usually given as percentage, and the details of the percentage and the period within which payment is to be made are shown on sale documents. A usual period for which a discount is given is one month from the date of the transaction.

There are two different types of discounts. First, discounts may be given to firms to which the company sells goods. Such discounts are called discounts allowed. Also the company may receive cash discounts from firms from which it buys goods. This kind of discount is known as discount received.

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Match the words with the appropriate definitions: Work on the Texts Прочитайте текст А и подберите заголовки к каждой части текста.

Part II A bookkeeper deals with several kinds of discounts, or reductions, from the list price of goods. Найдите в тексте соответствия русским фразам. Записи одного типа сгруппированы в отдельные журналы. Пояснение опускается. Одна строка используется как для кредитовых, так и для дебетовых проводок. Многие предприятия получают наличные и платят наличными.

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Выразите согласие или несогласие. Исправьте неверные утверждения. The general journal is always easy to use. It is not necessary for special journals to have equal totals of debits and credits.

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