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Two or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels constitute a win. The Wheel of Fortune will be spun, and prize awarded.

If the Wheel lands on an orange segment with a star, prize is awarded and a respin of the Wheel will take place for an additional prize which is added to the total. Three or more gift box symbols on any active line trigger the Pick-a-Gift bonus round. In the Pick-a-Gift bonus round you must select one of the gift boxes.

Learn more. Do you have an adsense account? To participate in adsense :. I tried to set up an Adsense account since they shut it down. The application was refused due to lack of content.

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Of course, because they shut the site down. I own domains, but have not done anything more than set up GoDaddy Cash Parking accounts on them. I guess google then applies ads that are potentially relevant to the domain name. Zach, It is Cash Parking account not just a parked domain. It was populated with relevant links and ads. If the domain name infringes on a trademark that belongs to somebody else Google may block ads from showing on it.

How do I reach someone at Google to work through this situation? Other cases like this that I have brought to the attention of the Pros and there is nothing they can apparently do to change this. Since you have a contract with GoDaddy and not Adsense, it is unlikely they would communicate directly with you. Based upon your post and my experience to date, this reveals a "gap" in the CRM customer relationship management services of these 2 companies.

What is a domain holder supposed to do, just let the site languish? Gracey, what do you recommend to get this resolved so my site can get back up and running with ads - either through Google or GoDaddy? I would say so as well.

Rakuten Ebates: Get Cash Back For Shopping

But the account holder in this case with adsense at any rate would be GoDaddy. I have no idea. The owners of the domains simply parked them with other services because there appears to be nothing GoDaddy can or will do, and the same result comes from Adsense. Другие предметы этого же разработчика.

Модули, которые вы купили, появляются прямо в вашем бэк-офисе. Вам осталось щелкнуть по ссылке, которую мы отправили на ваш адрес электронной почты.

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